The Obsession

As you may have known by now, I am very fond of fantards (and I meant it in the most sarcastic way). I had an outburst about one of them just recently and now that I got a new keyboard, please allow me to elaborate on the subject.

I’m now going to give you some signs to know if one is simply a fan or is already a fantard. The things that you will read below are purely based on my observations.

Before I begin, let me just differentiate a fan from a fantard. I don’t want them to think that I don’t like them all, because that’s not the case. I can’t hate all the tomatoes in one basket just because a few rotten ones happen to be in it as well.

Okay… so what is a fan according to yours truly?

A fan is someone who idolizes the idol. Fans are the support system of the idol. Without them, well… idols would pretty much be just a normal person. Fans make someone special. They put their idols on a level higher than everyone else.

To me, personally, fans are adorable. They’re very appreciative and they make what you do worthwhile. And while they help their idols get to the top, they also share the happiness with other people who have the same interests. They’re a tight-knit little family and they’re there for one another, for the best and trying times.

Now, how does a fan become a fantard? And what is a fantard? Well, I don’t know if that word’s in the dictionary yet. But it’s a combination of the words fan and retard (I know. It’s a condition. But we have no other word for it so just bear with the word. The thought is what’s important).

A fantard is a fan that is really, really, really times infinity annoying, unbearable and rude. They’re everywhere. They have already invaded the media ugh.

So, here are a few signs that you’re already a fantard (again, based on my observations):

1. You are so obsessed and it’s not even cute. I noticed this mostly on some KPOP fans. They’re like… really crazy. They’re called sasaeng fans. Mostly are female, young and delusional. They go crazy whenever there’s news about their idols going out with someone, they get furious and they lash out. Why? Because they think that their idols are meant to be with them. Yeah. Coo-coo. I mean, if they could wrap their idols in a burrito wrap and take them home to never see the outside world again, they would.

2. You think that your opinion reflects that of your idol’s. This fantard thinks that their idols think so highly of them that their every opinion matters. Well, newsflash: they don’t. Idols can speak for themselves but some fantards think that they know better. They think that they have the power to put words into their idols’ mouths. It’s very rude and disrespectful.

3. You feel so entitled. Some fans believe that their idol’s world revolve around them. They think that if they stand in the crowd of 20,000, their idol would single them out and offer them their time. I don’t get why they don’t get that a single person can’t accommodate all of them at all times. This kind of fantard bombards their idol with questions. They tweet them a million times and wonder why the idol don’t reply at all. Well, hello, reality check, please.

4. You are very demanding. Demanding is the closest kin of entitled. Because they feel entitled, they tend to make demands. And if their idols don’t give them what they want, they’ll get angry and will start bashing and make a big mess out of petty things. Seriously, fantard, get a life. Your idol has one. You should get one as well.

5. You think that your idol can do no wrong. Fans, although very supportive, should know when to stop following everything that their idols say or do. They should still know how to think for themselves. Idols are humans, too. And humans make mistakes. Sure, be understanding. But never, ever tolerate the wrong things that your idols do. One good example of this is some of the Beliebers. Ay. Don’t get me started on that. He already spat on their faces and they still make excuses for him.

6. You think that your idol is better than everyone else. Idolizing someone is relative. There is no concrete evidence that someone is better than anyone else. It’s everyone’s opinion against everyone else’s! To each his own, so they say. But this kind of fantard refuses to see the slap that’s coming.

7. You lash out on other idols so your idol would appear superior. This is very common in the Philippines. And it’s really annoying. Like, hello, don’t push your idols down our throats. People need to respect other people’s preferences. We don’t think alike, ergo, we can’t like the same things always.

8. You are a fan war-freak. Fanwars give me headaches. It’s one of the stupidest things mankind has ever invented. Seriously, why bother?

Dear fans, please know that your idols appreciate you. They may not show it as much, but they do. They know that you play a huge part on their success. But, please, take a step back and give them breathing spaces. They get tired, too.

Your relationship with them is give and take. They give you something to love and rave about and you give them love to continue doing what they do. If you give too much, they might not know how to reciprocate. Because you outnumber them, everything that you do, collectively, will be overwhelming. Always. And they know that they can never give you as much, no matter how hard they try.

But you can be assured that they will always try. They are thankful. And you should be thankful as well. Don’t think that because you give them this much, means that they will give you as much. Never, ever, cross that thin line.

And to you, fantards, just… stop. Rethink. Reevaluate. And clean up your acts. Don’t be the termites that will bring your idols tumbling down.

If you have any topics that you want for me to tackle, please feel free to comment and I’ll try my best to whip up an article. Thanks for reading.

Karmic Hearts Story Review

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A Fiction Madness


KARMIC HEARTS by Jhing Bautista

Genre: Fantasy
Story link:

Karmic-something related to Karma
I am actually thinking why is this entitled Karmic Hearts. At may part sa story na nabasa ko na each of us have our own ‘karma‘. Our haven. Our sanctuary. May mga tao sa mundo na nakatadhana para pahirapan, pasayahin o pasakitan tayo. All people around us have different purposes they should fulfill in our life. May rason ang existence ng bawat tao. Ang maybe this is why its entitled ‘Karmic Hearts‘.


One word: Unpredictable.

Deep thought. Deep meanings. I’m actually amazed on the way of thinking of the author, she sees things in a different way, in a deeper manner. Mga bagay na akala ko mahirap idefend pero kapag nag-argue na si Cupid at Mina mapapanganga nalang ako dahil ang galing at ang ganda ng pagkakapresent nila ng…

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The Prodigal Readers

Prodigal because they left, but are yet to return. Maybe this is one of the many factors why I’m losing my appetite to write. May mga old readers kasi ako. Ongoing pa yung isang story, nandyan na sila. Then, someone came along and swept them all away. Nakakatampo? Oo naman. Pwede namang hindi lang isang story o author yung gustuhin, di ba? But they got caught up and now, they don’t even care to look back.

May isang reader ako nung kasisimula pa lang ng KH na sobrang hahaba ng comments. Kaso hindi nya natapos yung story. Magku-comment daw sya ng mahaba, pambawi. That was months ago yata. Hanggang ngayon, hinihintay ko pa rin yung comment nya. Bakit? Kasi para sa ‘kin, pangako yun. Umaasa ako sa pangako.

Ewan ko ba kung bakit may ganito akong issue. Siguro nakakalungkot lang talaga. Akala yata nila writers lang ang nagbabago. Hindi ba nila alam na malaking factor din sila ng pagbabago na ‘yon? Isa ‘to sa dahilan kung bakit nadadala na akong makipag-close e. Feeling ko kasi, fleeting lang yung interes nila. Kapag nakakita sila ng sa tingin nila e better, good bye na. Wala ka nang saysay.

This is why I care, but not deep enough. Attachments hurt like hell when severed.

Bakit Gano’n?

Bakit parang sobrang detached ko na? Na kapag may gustong makipagkaibigan, I shut them out? Kapag may nagsi-share kung ano’ng nangyayari sa buhay nila, kating-kati akong mag-comment ng “Pakialam ko?” kasi feeling ko talaga nawawalan na ako ng pakialam. I’m losing interest in people and it bothers me. I think I’m slowly shutting myself down, shutting the world out…

Someone please… pull me back in. I need feelings.

“You Could”


Saw this pic on Facebook and it struck a chord. Love is a choice. It’s scary how a little conversation or a few meetings could lead to it. One day, you were strangers. Then you’ll be craving for their presence the next. And I believe that I’ve had a few of these “you could” chances, I just chose not to take them. Because I’m scared as hell.

Ang Pag-Ibig sa Mata ng Isang Grade 7 Kid

“Lahat pinagdaanan natin. Away… Selos…” May isang video sa FB tungkol sa isang grade 7 na nag-propose sa schoolmate o classmate nya para maging girlfriend nya.

Okay. Ayokong mag-judge pero di ko mapigilan hahaha. May kapatid kasi akong around this age and I’d be horrified kung may ganitong mangyari sa kanya. I still treat her like a seven-year old kid. Madalas ko syang tanungin kung abot ba nya yung pinapakuha ko kapag nasa ibabaw ng ref o nasa mataas na estante. I still think that she’s not tall enough to reach things from high places. Kumpara sa mga ito, napag-iiwanan ang kapatid ko, but I am thankful for that.

Noong high school kami, di uso ang cellphones. Kahit 4th year ka na tapos may nanliligaw sa ‘yo, pag-uusapan ka kasi parang ang abnormal. Ibang-iba na talaga ang panahon. Nakakatakot. And to post something like this on social media, open to everyone’s scrutiny…

Sige. I’m giving these guys the benefit of doubt na hindi lang dito nakafocus mga buhay nila. Na mag-aaral pa rin sila at magiging responsable, pero nakakalungkot, di ba? Okay, so who are we to judge? Hindi porket bata, hindi na nagmamahal ng totoo. Maybe what they have is real, right? But most of the time, hindi. Most of the time, they just get too excited to get in a relationship. Madalas, wrong timing pala.

Hindi ko alam kung bakit hindi muna sila makuntento sa crush lang. Sige, M.U. na rin. Can’t they just enjoy the feeling first? Bakit nagmamadali? Kaya ba ngayon, okay na rin ang teenage pregnancy? Tolerable na kasi nagagawan naman ng paraan? Why not instead of telling kids how to be responsible parents, let’s teach them how to be responsible kids first? Aral muna. Love can wait.

Sana naman hindi mapariwara ang dalawang ‘to. Malulungkot ako para sa parents nila, if ever.