We Are One


I decided to make a blog about EXO to share my feels for the concert and also to keep my promise that I will make one. I’m fairly new to stanning KPOP artists. I’ve known KPOP since 10 years ago when Wonder Girls shook the world with their hit single, Nobody. It was so addicting, every one of us, including my male classmates, danced and sang to it every time they hear it. The mere mention of the word “nobody” could make anyone sing the song. It was that popular.

EXO didn’t start the KPOP boyband fever in the Philippines, but it was one of the most hyped bands of all time. I remember getting so annoyed because everyone talks about EXO. To be perfectly clear, I didn’t hate EXO. I was just annoyed at the hype. I find it off-putting and I tend to stay away from hyped things. I don’t know why.

Anyway, EXO is still popular but their fandom sort of calmed down a bit. I didn’t really plan on stanning any group because I have only liked Big Bang and 2ne1. I wasn’t a fan of synchronized dancing and thought it reduced the sincerity of the song. Don’t worry. If I could go back in time, I’d scold that snooty side of me too.

So, what got me into stanning EXO?

Well, it might not come as a surprise to some. It was Park Chanyeol. A few years ago, he wasn’t that attractive to me. I know he’s good looking but for some reason, I wasn’t drawn to him. But when I saw his pictures during a fashion show where he was wearing Tommy Hilfiger, I thought, “What did you do, Chanyeol? Why do I find you so attractive?!” His baby face was off-putting to me before. Ironically, it’s the same thing that drew me in.

I began searching for his pictures. I really enjoyed looking at his face. And then, it kinda went out of hand and now I’m in this deep hole and I’m drowning in feels and I don’t ever want to get out of here.

I liked them so much that when I learned they’ll be having a concert here, I vowed to watch it even though I was broke. I only started stanning them, officially, last February (I told you, I’m a baby stan). I’ve been listening to their songs since November/December last year (can’t quite remember) and was binge-watching their videos last January.

I won’t rank the EXO members from my most to least favorite (or vice versa) because honestly, their ranking always fluctuates. Every time I’d think I’ve already cemented my bias list, someone would randomly pop up and ruin it. Every damn time.

So, this is a random list. I’d tell you why I like them, even though you probably already know. I’ll also give them nicknames, just for fun.


Park Chanyeol (Grim Rapper)


Okay, I’ll put him first because this is entirely his fault. I admit that his looks drew me in, but his looks aren’t enough to keep me interested. He has to have something else. And fortunately, he has a lot more to offer. I began listening to his song covers. My favorite was Creep. He’s a rapper, with a very nice rap tone, but he can also sing. And his singing can make anyone swoon. He also carries his clothes well because he’s tall.

I knew he was tall but I was actually a little surprised to see him at the concert. He’s a giant! LOL.

He’s also a big baby who likes to have fun. Just don’t make him act all cool and serious because it looks like he’s just acting. He’s cool, but not the brooding kind of cool. But maybe it throws me off because I know how big of a goofball he is. I wish he’d do more funny roles where he could be himself. Fun Chanyeol is the best Chanyeol.


Do Kyungsoo (Precious Egg)


If Chanyeol opened the door to EXO, it was Kyungsoo who kept it open. I love this egg so much. He’s cute but he looks manly and he packs up a punch. HIS VOCALS. Ugh. I thank the heavens for his existence. His voice alone can keep me shackled to EXO forever.

I binge-watched all of his covers and savored his voice as much as I could. My ears have been blessed. I wanted to make his voice tangible so I’ll attempt to describe it. His voice is like a hot knife sliding through a slab of butter, like drinking coffee while staring out the window, while it’s raining outside. His voice is like melting chocolate, like silent waves, like staring into the most beautiful sunset.

Kyungsoo could sing the phone book and it would still be a hit.

He’s also a very good actor. I’ve watched him on It’s Okay, That’s Love back when I still didn’t know anything about him other than him being a member of EXO. I loved him on Along With The Gods and even in EXO Next Door. He’s so adorable when he tries to be funny but so boyfriend material when he gets serious.

I loved him more when I saw him live at the concert. He looked genuinely happy every time we sing along to their songs.

I adore him so much. Kyungsoo is honestly so precious. I wish he’ll get more recognition for his talents.


Kim Jongdae (Perfect Eyebrows)


What I like the most about EXO are their vocals. There is no shortage of talent when it comes to this group. Jongdae, also known as Chen, has one of the best vocals I’ve heard in KPOP groups. If Kyungsoo’s voice can be associated with rain, Chen’s voice is like inhaling fresh air. It’s so clear and so clean, it’s like a soul cleanser. My soul takes flight every time Chen hits those high notes.

I’ve been looking forward to Drop That because I wanted to hear his part live. IT WAS JUST AS I EXPECTED AND SO MUCH MORE.

I just want to mention that he’s also good looking. But we need not focus on that because it’s a given on EXO. I want to highlight his talent because he needs to be appreciated more. He’s so good at what he does that even So Chan Wee-nim admires him. She said he’s on her list of admired vocalists (watch Happy Together – the one with Wanna One, Highlight and Davichi).

I just hope that he gets enough sleep and rest because I don’t want him to strain his voice. I hope they all get their deserved rests. They’re all working too hard.

P.S. I wrote Perfect Eyebrows as his nickname because I love his eyebrows. They’re my favorite set of eyebrows. Hehe.


Kim Junmyeon (Chaebol Leader)


Suho (as he is popularly known) has the kind of face that I consider typical good-looking. Don’t get me wrong. He IS very handsome. But it’s like his handsomeness is already a given and I’m attracted to the more unconventional ones, you know… the ones who take you by surprise (hello, Park Chanyeol).

I wasn’t able to appreciate Suho’s leadership until the concert. I’m fairly new and leaders don’t always get the spotlight for being leaders so unless the members talk about it or you see the behind the scenes videos, you won’t know how they carry and keep the group together. But during the concert, Suho displayed a lot of his leadership and I found him really sweet. Some examples: Kai made two toy chickens kiss and Suho tried to cover it because “there are kids watching”. Suho also spoke like a leader during their ments.

A friend mentioned that he has a regal face and he does. He looks like a chaebol, to be honest. So his new drama role fits him well.

I only started appreciating Suho when he collaborated with a female vocalist for a single entitled “Dinner”, but I’m looking forward to more of his performances, whether it be in an EXO song, a drama, or somewhere else. I have a lot of respect for him and I wouldn’t mind being swayed to his lane.


Byun Baekhyun (That Weird Kid)


This little child is the epitome of playful. I’ve watched him on the drama called Scarlet Heart and thought he was cute. The drama was so heavy, I was glad he was there to bring some lightness to it.

EXO-Ls said he was playing as himself because he was like that in person and I didn’t really understand it until I saw him live. He was so stinking cute, picking up and trying on the toys thrown by fans.

I’m not a Baekhyun stan but he wrecks the bias list from time to time. I love that he loves to have fun like there is so much joy in him. He’s someone who creates his own happiness and spreads it around, the atmosphere maker.

I also want to comment on Baekhyun’s voice. It’s so textured, it’s like listening to a cake. I don’t know why I compared it to a cake, but it sounds like that. His voice has so many layers. In simpler term, it sounds complete. I’d also compare his voice to coffee because it gives me warmth but also wakes me up.

And lastly, I love watching Baek on variety shows. He has a very positive energy which makes the shows he’s in enjoyable to watch.


Oh Sehun (Rude Maknae)


What I meant by “rude” was that he attacks you with his visual and charm. I don’t mean that he’s literally rude. This is for the non-KPOP peeps and those who don’t get the context. He’s the youngest but one of the tallest and has more mature vibes that some members (cue in Xiumin).

I’m not a Sehun stan and I don’t know if he will ever make my bias list. The reason for this is that I see him more of a younger brother than anything else. He gives off the bunso vibe (bunso means the youngest sibling).

I liked him a lot on EXO Next Door. His relationship with the brother of the female lead was so precious.

During the concert, you can tell that he’s hot because he has the loudest cheers and my seatmate sounded like she would run out of air every time his face appears on the screen. He has that effect on people and it’s mind-blowing to see it live.

I cannot comment on his rap and dance skills because he’s good. I also cannot comment on his acting because I’ve only seen him on a series once.

And I had to mention that I was very touched when he went to CBX’s album signing. That was so adorable of him.


Kim Minseok (Fake Maknae)


Okay. So here’s the deal. I didn’t know what maknae meant, so when I heard that Sehun’s the maknae, I just assumed that it means “the most good-looking member of the group” (which I know some of you would wholeheartedly agree). I thought that was the meaning of the word because when I saw Minseok, I thought he was the youngest member of the group.

Do you know why scientists haven’t found the fountain of youth yet? It’s because he freaking drank it all up. That’s the only explanation why he’s the oldest member yet he looks so young.

I didn’t notice Minseok at first (because I was so busy looking at Yeol and DO). I only began noticing him when my friend pointed out that he looks like G Dragon (whom I love). They look scarily alike, I even mistook GD as Minseok.

The only thing that made it sink it that they are different is Minseok’s youthfulness. He has a very youthful vibe, like all the problems in the world avoided him on purpose.

He began wrecking the bias list when he sported his white/grey hair. It brought me back to the time when I was crushing on Killua Zoldyck. And please don’t tell me I’m the only one seeing the similarity.

When I saw him live at the concert, I was like “Wow. Thanks for killing me with your looks.” MINSEOK IS SO FLAWLESS. I CAN’T DEAL.


Kim Jongin (Lady Killer)


This rude ass dude just killed me during their concert. I was seriously blown away by his looks. I can’t get over it. I’m still thinking about it until now. I can’t stop talking about it. How dare he make me disregard all my biases?!

He WAS my least favorite before the concert. And not because he’s not talented. It’s just that he’s not as focused on as the other members so I don’t know him that well. But whoever said that his pictures and videos don’t do him justice is absolutely right. Kim Jongin looked like a slice of heaven during the concert. I don’t know how else to put it.

And he danced like no one is around. It’s just him and the music. It was the same dance he danced during MAMA, but I think he’s happier during the concert because he felt more appreciated.

Also, he has a funny side to him which is so subtle but impactful.

My favorite Jongin moments during the con are as follows:

– when he danced during his solo performance (HE PURPOSELY DIDN’T BUTTON HIS SHIRT UP TO ATTACK US)

– when he made two toy chickens kiss and Suho had to cover it

– him smiling while the fans are singing along to Sing For You

– when he removed his shoes and put on slippers thrown by a fan

– when he followed the toy fish around (LOL)

– every time he smirks at the camera

How anyone can simultaneously look sexy and innocent is beyond me.


Zhang Yixing (Come Back We Miss You)


I have not seen him perform with EXO yet (except for their past performances) but I can feel the strong bond he has with the other members. During the concert, there were nine individual platforms that were raised and the members took one section each and I felt a little sad when I saw one empty slot.

Honestly, they could have done without that one section. They could have made it into eight, but them choosing not to is saying a lot. They still want him back. We still want him back. He’s not gone, he’s just not physically there.

When Lay went to Korea, I was hoping he’d join the others for the concert. It didn’t happen but I feel like he’d be there for their next come back. HOPEFULLY.

From their videos, I have grown to love Lay because he seems to be very kind and endearing. He could also rival Kai with his dance skills. He’s very talented and he’s very kind to his fans.

I am so soft for this man. I hope he comes back soon.


EXO is talent. They’re more than just a pretty face. I hope people who don’t like the hype surrounding them, like I did, would give them a chance because they deserve all the recognition and love they are getting right now.




Stan Talent, Stan Wanna One

wanna-one (2)

If you are following me on my social media accounts, you probably have noticed that I suddenly became obsessed with this group. Literally, out of nowhere, since I just started stanning them this month. You also probably have muted me by now, which I understand, because I did that with a lot of fangirls in the past, too. Some are even my friends. Hahahaha.

I decided to make this blog because I cannot do a video blog. First, because I’m awkward. I mean, shy—I can take. I can somehow make it work. But I am so awkward in front of cameras, so I shy away from them. Second, I don’t have a reliable camera. And third, I’m more comfortable with writing my feelings down rather than speaking them.

I want to start from the very beginning, but I’ll only give you a gist of my experience with watching Produce 101 because I plan on making a separate blog about that so I can highlight everything (while watching it for the third… fourth time?).

Anyway, so speaking about beginnings… I just started stanning EXO this January (I know I’m so late—but I started listening to their songs late last year). I’m going to make a separate blog for them because the focus right now should be Wanna One (and I really like to point out everything that I like about EXO as well).

I was living at my friend’s house for a few weeks. She was urging me to stan Wanna One. She won’t stop talking about them. She showed me her bias. He’s cute but I didn’t really care. She made me watch their videos and I was like… meh. I wasn’t invested in the group so it was hard for me to appreciate I Promise You back then. The visuals, the vocals, and the choreography aren’t enough to make me want to like them. I even told her that I only want to stan EXO. I really did… at that time.

My friend (bless her) didn’t give up on me. She vowed to convert me into a fan. So, what she did was she gave me a copy of Produce 101 and told me to watch it. I have already moved out of their house by then and one fateful evening, having nothing to do, I decided to start watching the series.

Produce 101 is an extensive audition program. From 101 trainees from different companies, 11 will be chosen by the national producer (basically, the Korean nation). It was hosted by the BoA, whom I have only heard of but didn’t actually know. They have two trainers for vocals, two for dance, and two for rap. I’ll get into the details on my P101 blog.

Anyway, from that show, eleven have been chosen. And I wish my favorites have been included, but I have no complaints about the selected ones.


Since Produce 101 is known for ranking its trainees, I’ll do my own ranking here. I’m sorry if your bias is placed on a lower rank, but this is my preference so please respect that. I’ll respect yours as well. The ranking would be from my least favorite to my bias-wreckers and then, to my ultimate bias. But honestly, I love them all. I love their chemistry, their dynamics, and their vibe as a group. I just love them to varying degrees. And like most of their fans, I really wish that they won’t disband, but I think it’s inevitable.


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